Réagánta's Notes

Our new CD 'Cup o' Tea' will be released this March. These are some of our favorite tunes and songs. We have Chris Murphy drumming for us. He's great. The CD Release Party is set for Friday 13 March at 8:00 at the Elysium Arts Folk Club, 3 Front St. Lower Salmon Falls Mills, Rollinsford, NH 603 743 4700. Admission is $12 and that gets you a CD. The $2 will go to Joe Simes, the owner of the club and an all around great guy. We want to support Joe and his great venue. If you have a number of folks coming to the party and don't want bunches of the CD, the other folks just pay the $2 or more if you'd like...to go to Joe. We're going to bring food and Joe will be selling tea, coffee, water, and desserts. Yummy! Please check our events section for all the other concerts we have coming up.