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Réagánta's Music

Cup o' Tea

A delightful collection of jigs, reels, and songs with some jazzy twists thrown in.

New England Irish Harp Orchestra

The Orchestra's first live CD, with artful arrangements of dance tunes and ballads, recorded live at the Portsmouth Athenaeum.


Capturing the many forms of Irish performing, "Nollaig" brings these together for the Christmas holiday. Instrumentals, songs, dance and storytelling are all wrapped up in one Christmas package.

From These Hands

The collection includes slow airs, lively jigs and reels, barndances, songs and a haunting poem. Joining Regina Delaney on the CD are local musicians Claudia Altemus, Eugene Durkee, Mike Serpa, Bill Thomas, Rodney Miller, sisters Julie and Mara, and her daughter Alanna.