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Regina Delaney
(603) 502-7698
PO Box 343
Exeter, NH 03833



"... this is a wonderful collection of music that is timeless in it's beauty and it's played with care and grace"
- Alan Chase Spotlight Magazine

"Her harp playing shines whether it's carrying the melody or paired with guitar, whistle, or ulliean pipes. .....have a pulse and energy that shows they were intended to make people move.....this is great stuff...."
- Mary DeRosier, Sing Out!

"The workshop sessions, filled with activity and hard work and the wonderful sounnds of children laughing and singing and dancing, were a delight...."
- Newmarket Heritage Festival Committee

"The New England Irish Harp Orchestra wowed the crowd....."
- Geoff Cunningham Jr., Laconia Citizen.