Réagánta Biographies

Regina Delaney

is an harper, singer, and dancer. She plays traditional Irish music and sings in Irish and English.

Regina performs hard and soft shoe step dancing, ceili and set dancing. She teaches ceili dancing in schools as part of her Artist in Residence work and calls the dances at local ceili dances.

As an artist on the NH State Council on the Arts roster and the MaineArts Commission, Regina performs and teaches in schools throughout the state. In the classroom, she introduces students to Irish poetry, music, song, dance, history, and literature. From her home, Regina teaches the harp to students of all ages and has recently founded and directs the New England Irish Harp Orchestra.

Regina performs regularly in pubs in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, is a regular seisiún player, and is an active member of the Hanafin-Cooley Branch of the Boston Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann.

Regina has self-produced three CD's and is featured on the NH State Council on the Arts 'Songs of the Seasons' compilation CD.

She really prefers Lyon's tea even though she grew up in NJ!

Claudia Altemus

has been playing the Irish whistle and singing ballads for twelve years. She has studied the whistle in the United States and Ireland. Claudia conducts whistle and storytelling workshops throughout New England. Her twenty years of storytelling and teaching bring new dimensions to Réagánta performances.

You can here her play, sing, and tell stories on the 'Nollaig' and 'From These Hands' CD's.

You can usually find Claudia wiping up the drinks she knocks over regularly at the many sessions she attends(her favorite one being the Barley House in Concord, NH)!

Eugene Durkee

has been playing Irish music in sessions, concerts, and recordings for six years. His knowledge of Irish Traditional style is evident and always a welcome addition whether playing melody or accompaniment, solo or with others. He also sings ballads and beautiful harmonies.

Prior to joining the Irish music scene, Eugene performed as a singles act, in rhythm and blues bands, and as guitarist, lead singer and writer for an original rock and roll band. He has recorded original music with former members of the 70's band "Renaissance," and with noted jazz session players.

Durk has a great way with the 'craic'.